Learn About Your Volvo

Control your car with a touch of a button. Whether you get a flat tire, breakdown, or get into an accident, we’re there to send assistance anywhere.

Volvo on Call
Volvo on Call is a service that allows you to control your car wherever you're located and offers a plethora of services to make your life a little easier.
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Volvo Manual App
Need help learning how to use your Volvo? Download our Volvo Manual Mobile App to find the answers right at your fingertips.
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Volvo Manual Online
Find all the relevant information about your Volvo vehicle online. Discover how to use the different functions available to you.
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Support Page
Do you have questions concerning your Volvo vehicle? Discover all the resources provided to you on Volvo Canada’s website.
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Learn About Your Volvo

Your Volvo offers some of the most impressive technological features found in any luxury vehicle on the market today. From safety to connectivity and entertainment, Volvo vehicles have all been redesigned to feature the very best of everything.

At Volvo of Unionville, we will help you better understand your Volvo’s features. There are also a host of online resources to help you get the most out of your Volvo experience. Visit us today or browse through our website to learn more.

Volvo Connectivity Is Second to None

New Volvo vehicles connect you to the world around you in ways that many other luxury vehicles don’t. For starters, the Sensus Connect Infotainment System has features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for perfect and seamless mobile integration with your Volvo vehicle.

There is also a wide range of apps such as Yelp, Fuel Finder, TuneIn, Stitcher, and Send to Car that provides useful information and impressive entertainment options. You can access all of these through the Sensus Connect system.

Volvo On Call

Volvo also offers Volvo On Call on select models. Volvo On Call is a downloadable app for your mobile device that offers remote access to your Volvo vehicle. This enables you to connect to your vehicle and access a wide range of functions, such as checking whether or not the doors or locked and overall range.

You can also remotely control certain functions on your vehicle, start it from a distance, and even control the temperature inside your Volvo.

Our team at Volvo of Unionville will be more than happy to show you how Volvo On Call works and how to get the most out of it. If you have any questions, would like a demo, or simply want to learn more about the functions offered by Volvo On Call, contact us today.